Pultrusion and pullwinding

continuous fiber reinforced plastics production technology


We produce composite profiles using continuous pultrusion and pullwinding technology, which, thanks to stable quality and high productivity, represent the most economical production of composites.

Our profiles based on reinforcing fibers and resins are characterized by unique properties such as high strength, rigidity and low weight.

We produce profiles from composite materials on 8 pultrusion lines in the production plant in Tišnov (Czech Republic) and on another 15 lines in the production plant in Montendre (France). In cooperation with our customers, we have developed hundreds of products for industrial, agricultural and leisure time applications. Thanks to experience, cooperation with raw material suppliers and especially the focus on the development of new products, we can offer our customers unique competitive solutions.

We are certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.



Pultrusion is a process, … the basic operation, simple in concept – complex in detail, consists of pulling high-strength high-modulus reinforcement fibers/mat through thermosetting resin bath, and then though a heated die where the wetted fiber bundle cures, thus producing a structurally sound part exiting the die.


Final report for NASA
Pultrusion process characterization



Joining profiles and assembling systems

creation of light and strong structures




If you do not need detachable joints, then composites and adhesives are materials for each other. With the right design, choice of materials and the right joining technique, glued joints are stronger and more fatigue resistant than mechanical joints. Glued joints save weight and, thanks to the absence of holes (which weaken the structure and can facilitate the penetration of moisture) and easier assembly, can also bring significant labor savings and shorter production time.

We have experience with bonding composite profiles to various materials in construction, automotive, telecommunications or sports applications, and we are happy to help find a balance between the required performance properties and processing parameters.


Lepení kompozitních profilů


Especially in cases where it is difficult to ensure the correct procedures and process parameters of gluing or if it is important to be able to replace part of the system, mechanical fasteners will find application.

In cooperation with specialists in design and construction, we are able to offer various walkable and mobile footbridges and bridges, guardrails, ladders and complete structures.




Surface treatments and machining of composites

Pultruded profile is just the beginning


Strojní vybavení 2

If we are not able to achieve the required visual surface quality by coloring the profile with pigments inside  resin, we can apply many different decors and colors to the surface of our profiles for interior and exterior applications with increased UV resistance and additional scratch protection.

With this lamination technology, we can guarantee the color stability of batches and the color matching of system components. These films show color stability, resistance to all climatic conditions and long life.


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Our CNC machines are milling the profiles so that we minimize the need for further modifications to our customers and the costs of workplace equipment, dust extraction and profile cleaning.

At present, we are able to machine profiles up to a length of 13 m and a width of 100 cm. In addition to CNC machines, we have designed a number of single-purpose equipment efficient for repeated tasks.