Why with us?

We offer more than just reliable and cost effective profiles.

We can speed up the development process thanks to the complete control of individual phases.



We try to incorporate your requirements into the design of a product that will be reliable and competitive..


We support investments in molds and prototypes so that they are not an obstacle for starting a project and developing a new product.


Of course, there is a thorough control of raw materials and wide range of coupon and all-profile tests.


Production lines made ourselves including our own control system help us keep have the production process under the maximum possible control.


If you need machined part for your business we are ready to provide capacity of our up to 13m long CNC milling technology, saws, and other value adding maching.


If surface quality is a critical requirement for you, we offer painting and foil lamination (wrapping) on our profiles.



Company history



We are a joint venture of the French company GDP SA, which deals with the production of pultruded composite profiles and load-bearing structures, and the Czech company KORAL s. r. o., a supplier of a complete range of materials and equipment for FRP lamination.

Within the group, we have 26 production lines in production plants in Tišnov (Czech Republic) and Montendre (France). In both production plants, continuous production takes place 24/7.

The beginnings of pultrusion production in Tišnov dates back to the 1960s. At that time, production was focused exclusively on the needs of the army. Army projects were subsequently replaced by the production of laminates as ski reinforcements.

In 1992, during the privatization of the former state-owned company, the company KORAL, s. r. o. was established, which continued production of ski laminates.






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