Specific and standard profiles



Specifické profily


Pultrusion offers designers and constructors a free hand in designing the geometry and properties of the final profile.

Pultrusion can produce a profile of virtually any cross section with the following limitations:

  • max. length: if we can load and unload it, we can also produce it
  • max. dimensions: currently we can offer a profile with a maximum cross-section of 1200 x 800 mm
  • wall thickness: min. 1.5 mm, max. 60 mm
  • radius: sharp corners lead to defects and therefore when designing we work with R min. 0.5–1 mm
Standardní profily


Hollow and solid profiles from 2 mm diameter to pipes with a diameter of 300 mm. Standard shapes of structural I, L, T, U profiles and a number of frequently used profiles for some industries.

We have many of these profiles available in stock and we can prepare them for the required length by the next day.

These are usually profiles made of basic polyester resin with average properties. If necessary, however, we are able to produce profiles that take into account specific requirements such as temperature resistance, colour design, increased mechanical properties, etc.

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